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Congressman Charles Boustany, Jr., MD met with maritime... Read more

American Maritime Officers member Capt. Robert Lansden has more reconstruction experience than most. Aboard the USNS Pollux in 2005, Capt. Lansden with permission from the Navy used his ship’s resources to provide lifesaving assistance to the people and community of his... Read more

U.S Navy Captain Robert Lansden recently dropped in on a kindergarten class in Basra, Iraq. “I want to thank them for being such beautiful children,” he told a translator. The children may not realize it, but Lansden played a vital role in the rebuilding of their... Read more

Vice President Joe Biden (then-vice president elect) meets... Read more

The mariners who worked aboard five Military Sealift Command vessels – the USNS Algol, USNS Altair, USNS Bellatrix, USNS Pollux and USNS Pililaau – during the relief and recovery efforts on the U.S. Gulf Coast following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita received the U.S. Merchant Marine... Read more

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