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Captain Robert K. Lansden has served his country in the United States Naval Reserve for over 30 years and still works as merchant mariner Captain. During his service, he was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq, which included opening and rebuilding ports and infrastructure to restore Iraq’s natural transportation routes. He has also been applauded for his rescue efforts aboard the USNS Pollux during Hurricane Katrina. In his many years of private law practice, Captain Lansden has helped countless sailors resolve their maritime law issues. Learn more about Captain Robert Lansden’s commitment to his community and service to his country, as well as the services of his maritime law practice:

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Capt. Lansden is an Attorney who handles maritime cases nationwide. He has worked thirty years in the maritime industry on all classes of vessels, both on deck and in the engine room.

As a sailor himself, Capt. Lansden understands the hard work you do and the challenges you face. He has stood in the shoes of the seaman and now carries that knowledge to the court of law.

Capt. Lansden has the training and certification to support you:

  • Certificate in Admiralty Law
  • Licensed Master, Steam and Motor Vessels, Unlimited
  • Ship Handling Instructor
  • Licensed Third Assistant Engineer, Steam, Motor, Gas Turbine vessels, Unlimited
  • QMED / Able Seaman
  • Certified Scuba Diver
  • STCW and GMDSS Certified

After an injury, you will have many questions and need an experienced, caring attorney to help you navigate the process to get justice and recover from your injuries. Capt. Lansden can handle your case regardless of where you live. He has a nationwide network of attorneys to provide him with local support as he works to fight for your family.

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