If you have been hurt at sea, you may need help navigating the aftermath.

Hiring a lawyer can be a daunting and confusing experience. You must first determine if you need a lawyer, and then tackle the challenge of choosing one. Use this guide to help you answer questions you may have about maritime laws and lawsuits.

Maritime Law FAQs

When do I need an attorney?
You should consult an attorney experienced in admiralty law soon after your injury. The statue of limitations varies from state to state, but time is of the essence.
If I have a maritime issue, will any attorney do?
NO! Think of it this way, if you had a heart condition that needed immediate attention. What kind of doctor would you need? If you wanted the best and most specialized care, you wouldn’t see a podiatrist. You would see a cardiologist. Likewise, if you have been injured on the water, a real estate attorney won’t do the best for your family! You need a maritime attorney!
What makes Captain Lansden different than other maritime attorneys?
He KNOWS the industry! He has sailed for the more than three decades and still sails when duty calls! He knows the struggles, the dangers, and every in and out that is unique to the maritime industry. Captain Lansden has seen it all firsthand!